I can't believe that I found you, fate did a number on me. If you end up with my arms around you, it's meant to be. Well, maybe my crazy is showing, but baby I'm hooked on your touch. But wherever my life is going, there ain't no rush. 'Cause wherever you're goin', I'd like to go too, if you don't have anything better to do. I'd love to spend some more time together, so what are you doin' between now and forever? I'll take the blue with the gray days, I just pray the road will be long, 'cause if I'm beside you there's no way I can go wrong. - Bryan White

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

He's Arrived!

March 24th at 8:10am Jeremiah and I welcomed Wesley Scott Falslev into our family. He weighed in at 7lbs, 7ozs and was 19 inches long. His hair is much lighter than Clayton's was - it's almost a strawberry blonde. He was very mad for about an hour after his birth via c-section, but who wouldn't be? His name took us a lot longer to decide on then Clay's did - I couldn't decide between Oliver and Wesley, but in the end Jer decided he was definitely a Wes. It fits him!

Mad baby!

With Dad

With Mom (I am doing great, by the way. This time around was 5 million times better!)

Clayton came to visit and loved his new baby brother! He also loved pushing all the buttons and pulling all the cords around my bed. :)

So, does he look like Clayton did? The one on the left is Wesley and the one on the right was from the day Clay was born.
Cute kid!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

My Favorite Boys

Just a quick blog to post this cute picture of Clay and Jer that I took yesterday:

Those are Jeremiah's chemistry lab glasses. Clay loves to put on glasses of all sorts. He's the cutest kid ever, I must say.

Well, the next post I put up will probably be on Tuesday evening from the hospital with pictures of our new little guy. Check back then!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

AI: Top 11

Michael Sarver: This is a hard song to hear his voice on. It's just a lot of words. He's blah to me.
Allison Iraheta: I was surprised at how well she did in this genre. Great song, good job singing it!
Kris Allen: I liked it.
Lil Rounds: I still don't think anyone should try and sing Martina - it was just okay for me.
Adam Lambert: He is so creepy - I can't stand him. Awful.
Scott: Guys should definitely not sing Martina. He's not good. Yuck.
Alexis: Good song pick for her. An all right performance.
Danny Gokey: Hmm... weird song choice, but he's still great. What's up with the coat?
Anoop: Kinda boring. Just okay for me.
Megan Joy: Oh man, I don't know why I like her, but I do.
Matt Giraud: Sounded good to me. Very nice.

This week it should be Michael or Scott for sure. I'm not liking Adam and Lil this week either, though.

Results: Well, I'm not surprised that it was Alexis - she was too boring. I still would've rather seen Michael go, though. He reminds me of Josh Gracin from season 2.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

AI Top 12 (13)

Lil: I liked it.
Scott Mac: He's not a very good singer. Good pianist, though.
Danny: LOVE him.
Michael: Nah.
Jasmine: I just don't like the tone of her voice.
Kris Allen: It was all right, not very memorable, though. Good thing he's such a cutie.
Allison: I do like her, but I just didn't love the song.
Anoop: I don't think it was nearly as bad as the judges thought it was - just because he picked a song we actually knew. I like him.
Jorge: Meh - it was weird. He can sing, but I just didn't dig it that much.
Megan Joy: Not awesome, but I still dig her quirkiness.
Adam Lambert: I HATE his screeching with his tongue hanging out. I have no idea what the judges see in him - it was the same thing as "No Satisfaction" the other week. Awful.
Matt Giraud: Pretty nice, I like him.
Alexis Grace: It was okay - what was up with the songs? Never heard of 75% of them.

Vote for the worst named Megan as their pick for the week - I didn't think she was the worst by a mile.
I would like to see Jasmine, Scott, Adam or Jorge go this week. Any of those four could go and I wouldn't mind a bit at this point. We'll see who the 2 are that get the boot tonight!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Family Photos

Here are some of the pictures we had taken of our family on 2/28/09. Clayton turned 18 months old! Jer's friend Eric took these pictures - they turned out great.
Stay tuned for pictures of Baby Boy #2 coming in about 2 weeks!

*** I forgot to add Clayton's 18-month stats: He weighs 27 pounds, putting him in the 54th percentile and is 33 inches tall which is the 83rd percentile for height. Or you could say he is 2 feet, 9 inches. 3 inches shy of 3 feet tall! And he's all done with shots until he's 5 years old. He's very happy about that.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Wildcard Show

I knew they were going to make it 13 contestants this year!
I would have preferred to see Jesse Langseth over Jasmine, but I am glad that Giraud, Anoop and Megan Joy all got through.
Next week the real competition starts!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

AI: Week 3

Von Smith: This guy annoys me. Started off too low. The middle/end was all right. Still annoyed by him in general, but his performance was good. Von is a rockin' name, though. Oh I totally disagree with Simon - he reminds me nothing of Clay Aiken.

Taylor Vaifanua: Another girl who looks much older than she is. Not a good or bad thing - just a fact. Great song. I thought she did well.

Alex Wagner-Trugman: Love this song. Haha - dorky dancing. What was with the growly thing he was trying to do with his voice? Overall his performance was a little weird/theatrical.

Arianna Afsar: She has a pretty voice. Kind of a dull song. She should have done something more bubbly. That last note was a little iffy. Meh.

Ju'not Joyner: Why is he wearing handcuffs? Nah. He's not my cup of tea. He's not bad, I just would never want to listen to him, personally.

Kristen McNamara: Cute dress. She has good voice - I just thought she overdid that song.

Nathaniel Marshall: I hate those piercings - yuck! He doesn't have that good of a voice and he's not much of a performer. Blah.

Felicia Barton: Awesome song. Hmm... I don't know about her. She's good, I guess. Her rendition was a lot like the original song. Another 'meh' person.

Scott MacIntyre: Another boring song. He's just okay, too. Meh.

Kendall Beard: It's never a good idea to sing Martina. Nope, I don't like her. That was all wrong.

Jorge Nuñez: I dig his voice. I think the accent adds charm to his performances.

Lil Rounds: She looks great - fantastic dress. She definitely can sing, but I would never buy a CD she made.

Okay, my favorites were Jorge Nuñez, Kristen McNamara and Felicia Barton. Hopefully one of those three goes through tonight and the other two that make it will probably be Lil Rounds and Scott MacIntyre.

Results Night: I called it. I'm glad Jorge got through with the obvious Lil and Scott picks.

I agree with all the wildcard picks EXCEPT for Tatiana. Goo!

I'm psyched for tomorrow night's show!