I can't believe that I found you, fate did a number on me. If you end up with my arms around you, it's meant to be. Well, maybe my crazy is showing, but baby I'm hooked on your touch. But wherever my life is going, there ain't no rush. 'Cause wherever you're goin', I'd like to go too, if you don't have anything better to do. I'd love to spend some more time together, so what are you doin' between now and forever? I'll take the blue with the gray days, I just pray the road will be long, 'cause if I'm beside you there's no way I can go wrong. - Bryan White

Saturday, May 22, 2010

New Blog

I started a COOKING BLOG. You are hereby requested to check it out.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

VA Trip 2010

Main reason for our trip: Brett and Mesia's sealing in the DC temple. Beautiful!

Me, Cristin and Rosemary. It was soooo windy!!

Dancing with his new bride and then with his sweet Mother.

Fun dinner with Leslie, Elissa, Colleen, Nicole and Lindsey.

Milwaukee Frozen Custard with Lin.

Lunch with Linda and Virgil in Richmond.

Dinner with Hallie and her family (Maurice her husband, Joseph who's 2 and Nathaniel who's 3 weeks.)

Frances also joined us for dinner!

Cute baby Nathaniel!

Jo came to visit!

We had lunch with Thaís.

We went to DC. Lincoln Memorial and White House, respectively.

It was such a blast!!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Circus Gatti

The Circus Gatti that came to Logan Fairgrounds was a blast! Clayton was nervous at first, but ended up loving the show. My favorite were the quick-change artists (look them up on youtube), but I didn't get any pictures of them because I was so enthralled! Clay and I went with Jenny and her friend's daughter, Aaliyah.

Just one clown, his name was Leo. Clay thought it was hilarious when he fell down. (But refused to stand with him for a picture.) He came out in a tiny car at one point, too.

Motorcycles - they rode in the 'globe of death'. I should've taken a picture of the globe. Oh well.

The trained elephants were impressive. If you ask Clay about the elephants, he will tell you that one peed. It did.

There was lots more, but mostly I was too busy watching to snap pictures. Like the amazing acrobats and a fantastic juggler. There were trained dogs and Leo the Clown came out several times to make us laugh. We loved it!