I can't believe that I found you, fate did a number on me. If you end up with my arms around you, it's meant to be. Well, maybe my crazy is showing, but baby I'm hooked on your touch. But wherever my life is going, there ain't no rush. 'Cause wherever you're goin', I'd like to go too, if you don't have anything better to do. I'd love to spend some more time together, so what are you doin' between now and forever? I'll take the blue with the gray days, I just pray the road will be long, 'cause if I'm beside you there's no way I can go wrong. - Bryan White

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What to do...

... when there's a blizzard:

Build a fort, watch an old movie and eat popcorn, of course!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Baby #3 Ultrasound

I've never had one of those cool ultrasound pictures of the perfect foot, so these will have to do!

Arm and some fingers:

Perfect heart and heartbeat:

Sucking thumb in the bottom right:

Oh yeah, IT'S A BOY!

Everything was accounted for and he's just the right size (10 ounces). We are so excited!