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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2nd Birthday Videos

Eating delicious cake. He peeled his fondant off first.

"Find a friend..."

Naming all the Gabbas:

Cake time! (His diaper leaks thru onto Daniel's lap at the end.. hehe.. I had to run him upstairs and change him and we got Daniel some of Jer's pants to wear for the rest of the evening. LOL.)

Clayton's Birthday Celebration

We had Clayton's 2nd birthday party Monday night (his birthday is Saturday, though) and it was a total success!

Ridiculously awesome Yo Gabba Gabba cake: (No, I didn't do it, my friend Camille did...)


Opening lots of fun gifts:

End of a big day in my new YGG pajamas:
Jer and I got him 6 fun balloons that he is still playing with. He got 8 plush YGG dolls (3 of themsing), 4 books (he got "The Monster at the End of This Book", "Where the Wild Things Are" and 2 YGG ones), Lincoln Logs, some money, YGG pajamas, 2 little wind-up toys, a Sesame Street lunch box and my Mom made him an amazing cape. (Pics of the cape are forthcoming.) I think that was it! He made out like a bandit for sure!!
I also took lots of video that I will post separately later.
Clayton is doing such fun stuff at age two. He speaks in nearly complete sentences. He sings along with our favorite songs at bedtime. He is sweet to both Owen and Wesley. He plays pretend with his toys. He colors, plays with play-doh and likes to build things. He is super good in Nursery. He loves puzzles and reading books. He can count to six (no lie). He climbs up playground equipment and goes down the slide all by himself. He's hilarious and we love him tons and tons!!!